Diddy, Stevie J Spotted Riding Bikes In Miami Amid Abuse Allegations

Diddy and Stevie J have been spotted riding bikes around Miami amid the ongoing federal investigationTMZ reported that Sean Combs and his longtime friend were taped cycling about the city with a sunset backdropping their adventure. Some excited fans reportedly screamed and showed the men love as they exchanged hugs, selfies, fist bumps, and handshakes. 

The footage captures a moment of relaxation for Combs, who has been pelted with ‘suits in the past five months. In another video, a man shows Diddy some love in Miami’s Pura Vida cafe. As the footage circulated only, many people were shocked to see Combs in good spirits with everything going on. Some people surmised that the videos had to be old. Other spectators needed clarification about why Diddy wasn’t scared to show himself publicly. “Diddy is living a normal life while the feds are on a wild goose chase,” one person typed. 

Sean Combs has been hit with tons of sexual assault and abuse allegations. A December 2023 lawsuit accused the mogul of gang-raping a 17-year-old girl. His former producer, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, sued Combs for allegedly sexually assaulting him. But Diddy isn’t the only Combs that has landed in hot water.  

TMZ reported that Christian King Combs had been sued for sexual assault which allegedly stems from a 2022 encounter. Grace O’Marcaigh, the alleged victim, claimed that she worked on a yacht belonging to Sean Combs and met Christian during her time of employment. The woman claims that Christian had her take a shot of liquor during a party, which O’Marcaigh alleges was spiked. The lawsuit details that he attempted to kiss and grope her, but she said no. 

Despite her wishes, the plaintiff claims that King continued to pressure her, with Grace alleging that he attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him. She was able to fight her way out of the unsavory encounter and included pictures of bruises on her forearm as evidence. Grace O’Marcaigh alleges that she has suffered mentally and emotionally since the traumatic moment. Diddy is also named in the lawsuit for aiding his son in the assault.