Declan Soothes The Mentality Of All With 'Motion' – FUXWITHIT

Blessing listeners with a euphoric masterpiece, Declan shares his newest tune, ‘Motion.’ A Jazz-infused wonderland. Perfect for those cold, winter nights. Infused with shining characteristics and endless amounts of gorgeous emotions. Creating a world not yet discovered and making the frequency spectrum his own. The master beatmaker has done it again. With 2021 concluded, the artist decided to start the new year on a bright and elevated tone. He’s yet again crafted another timeless work of art. Showcasing the beauty behind his creativity while honoring the underground with praise and passion. Telling us this is only the beginning of his successful and memorable 2022.

Paving a road to endless riches, the hard-working legend has been working non-stop to prepare for this next chapter. From releasing on Above and Below and Destinuna, to self-releasing forward-thinking soundscapes, he’s truly planting a garden of colorful flora in the form of melody and groove. Giving listeners what they want while staying true to his own evolution. And with this newest track. he’s enriching the lives of even more souls with signature qualities.

‘Motion’ is a whimsical and pleasing journey. Satisfying to the ear with every listen. Captivating your auras in a cocoon of pure organic elements. The legend really went all out on this one. Iconic attention to detail, wavy melodies you name it! Everything you’ve ever loved within future beats is contained within this gem. From a hypnotic atmosphere of sheer brilliance to a nasty chorus section containing hard-hitting drums and elegant melodies, this is what makes his workflow so enticing and perfect. The way he builds off of each section is simply jaw-dropping. As if you were floating on a soft and fluffy cloud. Journeying to a land of pure peace. Its addictive nature alone will immediately lift you off your feet. Leaving nothing but lifelong emotions and smiles on your faces. What a way to introduce 2022. We’re very excited to hear what else he has planned for this next chapter. But for now, make sure to go show your utmost support by streaming ‘Motion’ on SoundCloud!

Declan · Motion