Dame Dash Says Kendrick Lamar Is Winning Drake Feud: “F**k All That Dumb Sh*t”

Dame Dash has seen some of the illest battles in Hip-Hop history, namely Nas vs JAY-Z. So, what does he think about Kendrick Lamar vs Drake? Well, Dash feels Lamar currently has the edge. The Hip-Hop icon was asked about the feud during a recent episode of America Nu Network. Dame detailed how he wasn’t feeling “Euphoria” on the first listen, admitting that the record underwhelmed him. 

However, after several listens, he began to open up to it and started connecting with K. Dot’s response. The mogul also made sure to note that “real Hip-Hop is a sport” and that he harbored no hard feelings against either artist. “He smothered Drake,” Dash said. “This is a battle of lyrics, and you can be eloquent about conveying a point.” 

As he continued, he explained what about Dot’s response stood out to him. The former Roc-A-Fella boss detailed that he enjoyed the deadbeat dad angle, referring to it as a “grown man” move. Dame Dash asserted that the song was so strategically sound that it made him question whether Drake’s claims in “Push-Ups” were factual. 

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“As a man, I thought that that was the most logical, grown man, battle rap, sh*t that you could say,” he added. “A father really enjoys hearing about how fly it is to be a dad, and that’s basically the message I’ve been conveying. F**k all that dumb sh*t. If you ain’t a dad it don’t matter.” 

And Dash’s thoughts aren’t alone in thinking “Euphoria” was a dope record. In fact, it’s so dope that it has boosted Toronto’s local economy. 

According to City News, Kendrick Lamar’s “Euphoria” has dramatically boosted sales for a Toronto Chinese restaurant, New Ho King. “Euphoria” references the spot as Lamar raps, “I be at New Ho King eatin’ fried rice with a dip sauce and a blammy, crodie,” sending the restaurant into a frenzy with new customers. Johnny Lu, New Ho King’s owner, talked to the news about the sudden boost in business.

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“I’m trying to learn how to sing this song now!” Lu expressed. “This morning, a lot of people texted me saying that’s your restaurant? I say, ‘Yes.’ They say, ‘Look at the song,’” he began. “He said good food and fried rice—get more and more fried rice, the chef’s gonna be busy!… Kendrick’s a good guy, oh my God!” 

Foodies have since left 5-star reviews, with most of them referring to the song or Kendrick Lamar by name. 

Watch Dame Dash’s full interview above.