Dame Dash Says Diddy Would Be “Dead” If He Abused His Daughters

Dame Dash has drawn his line in the sand concerning Diddy and his alleged victims. Dash spoke about Sean Combs’ 2016 abuse of Cassie Ventura, which was captured in hotel surveillance footage in an episode of Choppin’ It Up. The Hip-Hop icon shared that it was “very disappointing” to see the unsettling footage, saying, “…To see that from someone that again I considered my peer… we’re the brotherhood of Hip-Hop, [we’ve] showed a certain degree of respect, but you can’t unsee that, and it’s really a shame.”

As he continued, he began to put himself in the shoes of Ventura’s family, stating that if Combs had abused his daughters, there would be irreversible consequences. In talking about his “problematic” apology video, Dash imagined a conversation with Sean Combs, asking him about his own daughters and how he would want them to be treated.

“And what I think when I see that… Number one, I got daughters,” he added. “So, you know, if that were something I would to see happening to my daughter… Puff — he’s dead. I’d go do the time or I’d figure out how not to do the time, but I don’t think I could handle watching another man or any man touching or doing any kind of violence to my daughters.”

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“If I were to ask him a question, it would be, ‘What would you do if you saw a dude do that to your daughters? What should that person’s punishment be?’ Because that’s what yours should be… He had already said that he vehemently wasn’t going to say that he ever did any of those things, and it didn’t happen. And now, because it came out, he’s saying sorry, but it’s like now, it’s hard to believe anything else that he says,” Dame continued. “And it’s hard not to believe anything that Cassie is accusing or alleging in the lawsuit because I think I wouldn’t have. I couldn’t fathom ever having that kind of aggression toward a woman.”

The entrepreneurial mind then began wondering if Combs grew up around abusive relationships because that would explain why his actions against Cassie would be so “normal to him.” He added that he’d heard several stories regarding Puffy over the years but didn’t believe them, but due to a “gray area,” he never went to find out if any of the stories were true.

He ended his longwinded assertion by declaring that, if he were present in the hallway of the hotel video, he would’ve “hit the ni**a with a chair or something. Just ‘cause it was so crazy in that moment.”

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