Dame Dash Reveals He Had No Concern Over JAY-Z And Nas’ Beef Becoming Violent

Rap beef and what can come of it has been a hot topic ever since Drake and Kendrick Lamar went at it. Dame Dash recently spoke about JAY-Z and Nas’ infamous rap beef, and how he was never concerned about things getting violent between the two.

“There was no fear of us getting hurt when it came to Nas,” he said during an appearance on Moguls In The Making podcast. “I’m telling you right now, there was no fear of any violence when it came to that. There was no fear when it came to us of any battle that we had when it came to violence. We were never worried about that.”

The Roc-A-Fella co-founder juxtaposed that particular beef with The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac’s feud in the 1990s, and rap feuds in the present. “Now, ‘Pac and Biggie, ni**as got killed,” he said. “But ni**as get killed in Hip-Hop now. They be battling and then they end up dead. It’s a little more serious now.”

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While neither Drake nor Kendrick Lamar suffered any physical harm during their back-and-forth, there was speculation that a few shootings that took place around the time they were actively trading records were connected to the battle.

First, The Weeknd’s manager Cash XO’s security guard was shot during an attempted home invasion at the end of April. One week later, a security guard was shot outside of the Drake’s mansion. There were also multiple instances of people trespassing on the 6 God’s property.

There hasn’t been any confirmation as to whether these unfortunate situations had to do with the beef, but it’s a major coincidence given the fact K. Dot posted what the “Family Matters” rapper’s home looked like on the “Not Like Us” cover art.

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Otherwise, Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s beef remained non-violent much like JAY-Z and Nas’. Hov and Esco’s feud began in 2001 due to shots the Brooklyn rapper sent the Illmatic rapper’s way on “Takeover.” Nas responded by releasing the all-time diss record “Ether,” prompting Hov to release “Supa Ugly.” However, the Hip-Hop community crowned Nas the winner and often reflects on the legendary battle to this day.

Dame Dash recently spoke on “Supa Ugly” and how he did not like the record. “They in there high-fiving and sh*t. I’m like, ‘What you high-fiving for? This sh*t is wack,’” he recalled. “[Nas] talking about other ni**as’ business and sh*t, like we don’t do that.”

Dame and Hov have been estranged for years and Dame often goes viral for his thoughts on his former business partner. Steve Stoute spoke about why Dame and Hov fell out, and put the blame on the filmmaker.

“Jay seen Dame’s ceiling,” he told Shannon Sharpe on a March episode of Club Shay Shay. “He wanted more. And everybody wanted more. Dame just had a very particular way of approaching it. He’s far from stupid. Very, very, very smart. Very talented. Ego through the roof. Through the roof! So, there was no working with him. No one wanted to work with him. As much talent as he has, nobody [wants] to work with him.”

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