Dabow’s ‘BACKBACK’ Will Be Stuck On Loop

There’s something special about being able to achieve maximum impact without overcomplicating things. Dabow is a master of this approach. It would be disrespectful to consider his works simple, but there’s a certain stripped-back mastery to his approach. He creates incredible musical pieces using only the required ingredients. The recipe has made him one of the most consistent and impressive producers in the trap and bass scene.

For his latest release ‘BACKBACK,’ he takes the less is more approach to the max with a one-minute banger that commands listens on loop. The opening pairs an emotive vocal sample with stirring keys. With no time to waste nearly every other bar sees a slight switch up. From the addictive “Back it up and bring it back” vocals, to the track’s driving percussion, and signature synths, this one just keeps getting better. It’s rare that I write up a track that’s this short, but it’s simply that good. Sure it leaves you wanting more but Dabow has allowed it to loop ever so smoothly so that you can just keep bumping it on repeat. Don’t be surprised if you’re listening to this fifteen times in a row… I know I certainly have been.