Coka Cobra And Walschlager Take It To The Warehouse With 'Drop This' – FUXWITHIT

Calling all underground house lovers! You’ll be pleased to know Coka Cobra and Walschlager are back once again with a major heater. This time around, they’ve teamed up to bring us all a track called ‘Drop This.’ A song consisting of top-tier sound design and rhythm. This one will practically hypnotize you into a dance frenzy. Transporting you to a classic warehouse show. Where everyone is there to make incredible memories and escape reality. Leaving the listener with a satisfied and wonderful after effect. Coka Cobra is known for his highly intricate and adaptable creations. Taking on and incorporating different genres within his tracks. While Walschlager is working extra hard to get his vision across through grimy house vibes. Together, these two make the perfect team for inspiring upcoming musicians.

‘Drop This’ is an immaculate work of art. Honoring generations of house. Inside this body of work, you’ll experience some dark and gritty sounds and atmospheres. From the striking groove, to the addictive vibe, you’ll have no choice but to get up and dance the night away. The way they catch the heart and soul within the house genre itself is truly inspiring. Every second is filled with endless energy. Keeping the track flowing at a consistent tempo. Waiting to strike a different feeling within yourself. You can easily tell how much fun these two had creating this piece.

Coka Cobra and Walschlager are both worthy musicians to the scene. We have nothing but high hopes for this dynamic duo in their own paths for the future. Make sure to go support these two by streaming ‘Drop This’ and grab the free download.