Chrisean Rock Served Lawsuit At Football Practice For Assault Against Singer James Wright Chanel

According to RadarOnline, Chrisean Rock has been served lawsuit documents regarding Tamar Braxton‘s backup singer, James Wright Chanel, whom she allegedly assaulted last November.

Rock, who’s notably dated Blueface and appeared on the reality show Baddies, was reportedly handed Wright Chanel’s lawsuit in person while attending a high school football game on May 4.

Per the outlet, the server found the 24-year-old at Cathedral High School in Los Angeles after she posted online that she would be attending football practice there at 6:30 PM.

The lawsuit was initially filed by Wright Chanel back in February.

Rock, whose real name is Chrisean Malone, allegedly struck Wright after feuding with Tamar’s team over performing at Los Angeles’ Novo club last year during the “Love & War” singer’s concert. The “Vibe” crooner was reportedly invited to Braxton’s concert and became angry after not being allowed to perform her music for the crowd.

According to a member of Braxton’s team, Le Troy Davis, Rock came to the venue “drunk, with 1,000 people, smelling like weed.”

At the time, Davis explained that Rock got into some sort of argument with Wright Chanel backstage about not performing, struck the singer in his face, and left him bloody. He reportedly had to seek medical attention to stop the bleeding. Reportedly, Wright was left with two broken teeth and cuts on his face from her rings.

The backup singer seemingly confirmed that he was assaulted by the new mother in a video shortly after, where he did not show his face. “Everybody wanna tell stories and tell they versions… I was an innocent bystander,” he said in complete darkness. “You know, you still gotta keep joy and stuff… I don’t know what be wrong with people.”

He went on, “All I did was went to work, chile… y’all already know what type of person I am… but let me tell you what ain’t nobody gone do… ain’t nobody gone take my joy… my praise… my worship… y’all should see my f**ing face, and I still got joy.”

Wright’s attorney, Kevin Anderson, stated to the Los Angeles Times at the time, “She hit him multiple times in the face for no reason at all. We were surprised that she was able to leave the facility that night. She had on rings that were pretty much equivalent to brass knuckles.”

Besides Davis — who deemed Rock “trash” and responsible for “why her life is the way that it is” — Braxton also spoke out about the incident. In a statement shared via Instagram, the singer said she initially did not address the heinous act “out of respect for James” and her team, but confirmed, “[Wright] got assaulted” at her show and “it was by Chrisean.”

Speaking on why Rock was invited to her show in the first place, Braxton said via IG, “Chrisean is someone I look at like, from afar, a younger sister. She was somebody I wanted to meet, to possibly take under my wing.” She also shared that she felt connected to Rock, as they’re both from Maryland.

Braxton also admitted that she did indeed invite the Baltimore native to come on stage for the show’s “twerk off” but not to perform. She added that there must have been a “misunderstanding” between both parties.

Following the incident, Rock spoke out via IG Live and claimed that “false narratives” were being made about her.

“I think it’s just a clout chasing thing… Honestly, I need to start protecting my name,” she in a since deleted X post.