Canopy Unveils Transcendental Debut Album, 'Refraction' – FUXWITHIT

As a masterful story-teller through his music and resident artist of Upscale Recordings, Canopy has developed a thorough catalog of impressive, however somewhat under-appreciated, musical expeditions over the years. With productions that fall under the immense umbrella of bass music yet that do not quite fall within a specific genre, the UK-based producer has steadily pushed the boundaries of electronic music time and time again in a similar fashion as fellow Upscale artists and other greats such as KOAN Sound and Ekcle.

Today, Canopy looks to make a statement that will hopefully bring his sound to the masses with the release of his debut album, Refraction. From a brief introduction and interlude clocking in at less than a minute, to orchestral journeys such as ‘Flare’ and ‘Incandescent’ spanning more than six minutes, Refraction is an all-encompassing, soul-engulfing odyssey through bass music that is worthy of multiple listens from start to finish.

Don’t go into this album expecting eight mainstage-ready pieces. Refraction is introspective, meant for listening in a peaceful setting that allows one to open their mind to the beauty of sounds, melodies and textures. Each track of the project is an important piece to the puzzle that is the album, while individually, the tracks hold well on their own and listeners are able to pick and choose personal favourites among the plenty. There’s no shortage of highs and lows, though, as songs such as ‘Opalescence’ and ‘Strobe’ boast their fair share of core-rattling basses, although dosed over more serene, mystical soundscapes.

Don’t miss Canopy’s debut album below.