Caleborate & Kota The Friend Keep It Real On 'Contact' – FUXWITHIT

When you think about quality rap, Caleborate & KOTA The Friend are two artists that instantly come to mind. The past year has made frivolous, overly materialistic party rap feel disconnected from reality. Clubs have been closed and social interaction has been minimal. Thankfully great art is shining through, acting as a companion to ease us all through the weird days that continue to drift by. ‘Contact’ fills this void exceptionally. From its laidback soundscape to the down-to-earth raps, it’s a head-nodder assured to have you bumping on repeat.

Giving the instrumental introduction some room to breathe sets the tone perfectly. Caleborate’s opening bars are a vivid trip into his mind with, “I could feel the sin in my lungs/The magic in my skin/The weight on my heart/The flame on my pen/ The chip on my shoulder that’s stacking on ten/The blunt in my hand help me run from my friends.” The verse showcases the openness and honesty that makes Real Person so exceptional. From sleeping on floors to overcoming lows, it’s a portrait of an artist who’s truly lived struggle but knows better days are ahead.

The hook is assured to have you singing along, half positive affirmation, half stoner anthem with Caleborate rapping, “And shoutout to the ones that accept me for me/ And shoutout to the homie for selling me good weed/ You might catch a contact if you fuck around with me.”

Fresh off of Lyrics To GO Vol. 2 KOTA the Friend keeps the vibe alive with his guest verse. The Brooklyn emcee has quickly become one of my rappers for his sharp bars, smooth cadence, and grounded approach. All are on display through ‘Contact’ as KOTA explores love, family, and making it out of the basement. The additions of regal strings and backing vocals create a truly uplifting energy as he spits, “I could move a mountain if I want to, I could make somebody dreams come true/ I torch the struggle like it’s nothin new/ I lit up the tunnel I take Kota in the rain and we be dancin in the puddles and he love me like a fool.”

Whether you’re struggling through your own lows or just looking to vibe out to some real rap, catch a ‘Contact’ with Caleborate & KOTA The Friend.