Break The Floor With JOOL & Skrybe's Latest 'Aquila' – FUXWITHIT

Using music as a bridge to span the length of the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles’s JOOL and Melbourne, Australia’s Skrybe have come together for their first big-time collaboration out on London’s Never Say Die Black Label. Jool’s 2020 has already been one of major success, with massive collaborations with the likes of Megalodon and Hukae under his belt. Skrybe has been consistently simmering in the underbelly of the dubstep community, but now it seems it’s his time to boil over the top. Putting their heads together for the first time, they’ve come out of the lab with a brutal weapon of audio delight in the form of ‘Aquila.’

Giving off a distinctly foreign vibe from the very beginning, you’ll instantly be transported from your humble abode to a far away land where bass music rules the land. With gritty, devastating works being in intense demand, Jool and Skrybe thoroughly deliver. The first drop is immaculately crunchy and sets the stage perfectly for the quick build into absolute evisceration that is the second deluge of grime. Where the first drop is focused and punchy, the second is like a nuclear bomb exploding, with unparalleled thickness and damage. The finale finds a perfect middle ground, taking elements from both the other drops and creating a true beastly combination. This is absolutely not one to miss if you’re a fan of ludicrously heavy dubstep. Check out ‘Aquila’ for yourself below!