Bow Wow Threatens To Name Rappers Who Owe Him: “I WANT MY MONEY!”

Bow Wow is coming to collect what’s owed to him.

On Thursday (May 30), the multi-hyphenate star took to X, issuing a stern warning that he’d expose rappers who owe him money.

“yo! yall think 50 [Cent] gotta long list of rappers owing hiM MONEY??!!! IMA START NAMING RAPPERS THAT OWE ME AND BEEN RUNNING OFF WITH THE [PAPER] FOR 3 yrs!” he declared.

“Dont let that like mike sh*t fool you! I WANT MY MONEY!!!! ima start naming u ni**as,” he added, referencing his 2002 film about basketball.

LIKE MIKE, Lil’ Bow Wow, 2002.

Courtesy of Everett Collection

Speaking of owed monies, Bow Wow, né Shad Moss, responded last year to legal allegations that he scammed a 10-year-old rapper out of money for a song feature. Bow insisted that the child was bamboozled and that he has never had any dealings with her or her team.

According to the “Fresh Azimiz” rapper, he claimed to be a victim of “catfishing.”

“D pimpin done got yall again huh?” he tweeted in July 2023, referring to an episode of MTV’s Catfish that he appeared on. “I don’t conduct business on apps. I do NOT use or have Cash App. So if you ain’t call management and send a wire… you def was NOT dealing [with] me. Be careful who yall send yalls money to online. This happens everyday to folks. This the 3rd time somebody acting like me catfishing people.”

The ordeal began when a man named Steven Roberson claimed he Cashapped Bow Wow $3,000 to hop on a song with his daughter, but never received the verse. Roberson then took legal action against the So So Def artist.

“Based on the foregoing and as a direct consequence of Defendant’s actions and failures, Plaintiff’s total damages, including costs and attorney’s fees, amount to $15,000.00,” stated the legal documents according to AllHipHop.

In the midst of the aforementioned, another rapper had claimed to have been scammed out of money by the 37-year-old. In a statement to The Neighborhood Talk, a rapper by the name of Rich Behavior stated that the Ohio native spoke with her last year for a feature.

Allegedly, Bow promised to record an “intro” to one her songs after requesting that she send a split payment of $3,000 to his cash app accounts. He also allegedly requested her phone number so that they could “build” before hand.

Rich Behavior sent screenshots of the completed payments, but never got a response, nor a feature. As a result, the rapper claimed that she’d be taking legal action while vowing to never reach out to artists again. 

Bow wow denied any connection to the rapper.

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