Blake Skowron Shares 'KOTA' For The Outlaw Ocean – FUXWITHIT

As a part of The Outlaw Ocean’s monthly installments, Ian Urbina enlisted the sonic wizardry of Chicago’s Blake Skowron to convey the lawless events of the open ocean. Urbina works with producers on experimental musical stories inspired by his journalism and sampling his vast library of textures and sounds he recorded while working at sea. His previous issues have featured the likes of Louis Futon, Chromonicci, brothel., Harris Cole, Idealism, The Geek x Vrv and countless others.

With ‘KOTA‘, Skowron conjures vibrantly emotional soundscapes through waves of glistening synths and creamy pads. His characteristic liquid style prevails through the eclectic assortment of narratives told through sound; flawlessly balancing exotic textures with divergent rhythms and tender melodies. The enchanting project evokes an awakened sense of presence, exemplifying the unjust crimes taking place on unruly waters worldwide.

While my personal favorite tracks are ‘Kabelo’ and ‘Adelaide,’ I implore you to grab a pair of headphones and immerse yourself in the dreamscapes woven throughout this project. If you enjoy these tracks or are curious about others like it, learn more about The Outlaw Ocean project and their vast collection of collaborative works on their website.