Beyoncé Unleashes ‘COWBOY CARTER’ Album, Social Media Reacts

Beyoncé has finally unleashed her COWBOY CARTER album—and social media has thoughts. On Friday (March 29), the acclaimed songstress dropped her eighth studio album. And you know the internet. There were immediate declarations that the album was a masterpiece while other opinions called the work “trash.” In the middle of these extreme opinions, therein lies the lifeline of the internet: comedy. 

Comedic reactions to Bey’s latest work reigned supreme on release night. Some posts highlighted Yoncé’s decision to throw her hat in the country ring. “This album goes from very traditional Country to modern country to Beyoncé’s country,” one post read. “She said this ain’t a country album. It’s a Beyoncé album, and she indeed did not disappoint!”

Other posts cracked at the fact that they were here for all 27 tracks of Beyoncé’s new LP—even the two previous singles. “Raise your hand if you still listened to 16 CARRIAGES and TEXAS HOLD’ EM when they came on,” one spectator xweeted. “Beyoncé: Jolene I’m still a Creole banjee bi**h from Louisiana, Don’t try me,” another comment joked regarding Bey’s cover of Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene,” which was more of a warning. “Beyoncé said ‘Jolene’ THIS AIN’T DOLLY BI**H.” 

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The internet’s undefeated sense of humor then explored Bey’s run of seemingly flawless albums. The half-jokes/half-truths flowed abundantly as the masses listened to COWBOY CARTER. “That Houston heifer done did it again #COWBOYCARTER,” another post read, featuring the infamous smoking duck meme (seriously, where did that duck come from?). “SPAGHETTI SHE CAME OUT SWINGING HOLD ON I WAS NOT PREPARED #COWBOYCARTER.” “She said this ain’t a country album it’s a Beyoncé album and she indeed did not disappoint.” There are so many more hilarious moments to recount just from day one of COWBOY CARTER. Find a list of the wildest, funniest, and most comical posts on social media below. 

In other Beyoncé-related news, Bey became the first woman to top both the Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B/Hop-Hop Charts. According to Billboard, the celebrated singer made history in February. She also became the first Black woman to hit the No. 1 spot on the Country chart, and it was all due to her lead single, “Texas Hold’ Em.” The outlet reports that “Texas Hold’ Em” raked in over 19.2 million official streams and 4.8 million in all-format airplay audience. The single also sold 39,000 in the US through Feb. 15.