California-based anti. first landed on our radar back in 2018 with his Biggie flip ‘cali cali.’ Since then he’s been a mainstay on our blog. We had the pleasure of premiering his debut EP The Throwdown back in 2019 and were blessed with a guest mix late the following year. More recently he was recruited for a track on BOOST TAPE 03 and by the legend UZ for an official remix of his hit ‘Fire.’ With a sound that perfectly mixes classic trap influences with experimental bass leanings anti. has become a favourite in the community. Today anti. makes his debut on our label with the incredible dark trap banger ‘Eons.’

anti’s latest is exactly what the trap scene has been missing. Cinematic soundscapes set the tone as punchy percussion and booming 808s are layered in. Sinister laughter deepens the darkness and intensity within the drops. The track feels like an epic battle where evil just might prevail. Finding the perfect balance between classic trap and futuristic appeal makes ‘Eons’ a track that’s assured to be stuck on repeat.

“‘Eons’ represents the cyclical nature of music and art and how the art we create can evoke different emotions and feelings within the same track. I really tried to emphasize this with the last drop of the song as you can hear the main lead running through most of the build and post drop, like an echo in eternity that will go on for eons.” – anti.

Stream anti.’s ‘Eons’ everywhere and grab the free download.