Anthony Sceam Gives You a Taste of the 'Real Underground' – FUXWITHIT

For fans of only the most sensational of groovy house tunes, Los Angeles’s Anthony Sceam aims to more than hit the mark. With over 5 years of production experience under his belt, and several years of touring as a drummer with various bands before that, music has been his passion and lifeblood for over a decade. In that time, he’s ignited the frenzied hips of hundreds of thousands of listeners with banging tracks like ‘Louder‘, ‘This is House‘, and most recently ‘Clique‘. Now, he’s back into the thick of things once more with his first sensational release of the new year ‘Real Underground’.

With the immense amount of saturation currently prevalent in the audible marketplace, it can oftentimes be difficult to find fresh pieces that give you that sense of excitement that you grew so fond of when you first started diving into the music that you know and love today. But, when you find something that sets your soul ablaze once more, it can become almost an addiction, an itch you compulsively keep on scratching. Welcome to ‘Real Underground,’ your new sonic addiction. Let’s read your prescription, shall we? Equal parts saucy vocal loops, sprinkled undulations, and of course bodacious boots and cats, you’re left with a brew that intoxicates at subatomic levels. A delightful tech-house gift that keeps on giving, this is one track that you’ll be keeping in steady rotation for quite some time to come. Check out ‘Real Underground’ for yourself below!

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