Angel Reese Basks In Her Athletic Impact Ahead Of 2024 WNBA Draft

Pretty soon, it will be even more difficult for Louisiana State University star Angel Reese to do the simplest things like walk into a fast food restaurant. On a calm Friday morning (April 12) in New York City, fans waited outside of a Raising Cane’s to meet the college senior who’s partnered with the food chain ahead of the 2024 WNBA draft.

The 21-year-old, who’s already catapulted herself to celebrity status, decided to take on a shift at the fast food restaurant to connect with fans, answer a few questions, and ultimately bask in moments of normalcy (which will undoubtedly change in the future). Reese has already made a major impact with women’s college basketball and, frankly, can be credited for bringing more attention and interest to the sport.

When asked how she wants to remember the current moment as she prepares to possibly make one of the biggest decisions of her career, she told VIBE, “Being able to leave my impact, being able to come to places like Cane’s, giving young girls the look that they can do these things — I want them to have a face and understand they can have these same opportunities that I have. You never really see a young black girl being able to do this.”

Without saying too much about the draft, the Maryland native added that upon joining the WNBA she’s “excited.”

“Being able to go in as a rookie, I just want to be ready to learn and grow but I want to go in and dominate and do whatever it takes to win,” she told another media outlet with a Raising Cane’s Box Combeaux. “I want to be a great player and I want to leave my legacy within the league and also have that impact that I do have.”

Forecasting her WNBA future, the “Bayou Barbie” added, “I think so many different things are going to change within the league and I’m excited to be a part of that journey. This opportunity is an opportunity of a lifetime. This could be taken away from me at any time, so I try to embrace every moment.”

Per Just Women’s Sports, Reese currently has a $1.8 million NIL valuation. Aside from her newest endorsement from Raising Cane’s, Reese has worked with Topps, Airbnb, Reebok, Tampax and Beats by Dre.

Fans can tune in to ESPN tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET to witness Angel Reese and more prospects join their dream WNBA teams.