Alpha Transmission Blossoms In 'JASMINE' – FUXWITHIT

How come you haven’t heard of Alpha Transmission before? The producer just dropped his latest track on TRILLVO and we’re absolutely gassed the tastemakers are putting everyone onto him. For his latest release, Alpha Transmission takes us on the melodic odyssey that is ‘JASMINE.’

There’s a lot of times where I just wonder where she is now and if she’s happy. I wrote this song thinking of her and hoping in some way, in the future, she sees it and knows her friends are still thinking of her and we love her regardless.

Alpha transmission

And I can’t even get a text back.

But onto more important things: This track tho. ‘JASMINE’ is introduced with soft keys that build into glitchy Flumesque harmonies. It makes an unpredictable twist at the one-minute mark, bringing booming basslines into the mix that drop deeper and deeper until you’re all the way in. The producer’s ability to switch from bass to future bass without missing a step is super impressive. And after listening to ‘JASMINE,’ we can’t wait to hear more of what Alpha Transmission’s got.