AJORIES Takes Us On A Journey with 'Lost World' – FUXWITHIT

Experiencing different cultures in life teaches you a lot. From honor, to perseverance, there’s always something new to learn. And with the help of AJORIES‘s new single, ‘Lost World,’ it’ll open your eyes to something fresh and balanced. The Mumbai based musician translates his journeys through sound and rhythm. With each track holding high quality atmospheres and 808s, there’s no doubt he’s creating a big name for himself.

Traveling to the unknown, ‘Lost World’ takes us on a breathtaking adventure. Each second holds characteristics you won’t forget. Right from the beginning, he serenades us with a lush piano and soulful lead. Transporting the listener into a Japanese styled realm. Getting us ready for what’s to come. The attention to detail when creating his spacious introductions is heartwarming and inspiring.

Consisting of some hard-hitting drums and well noticeable structure, the drop takes our breath away. Showing everyone what he’s made of. After, the breakdown kicks in which is a haunting and enticing arrangement. Straight out of a movie. Hypnotizing the audience to the core. As he sets the stage for round 2, the track leaves a feeling of mystery and anxiousness for the listener. Finally it hits us once again with a blast of energy and calmness. Taking a bow, he leaves us off with a distant and lush melody. Drowning out the bad vibes and introducing rebirth.

‘Lost World’ packs a lot of heart and passion.  We’re excited to see and hear what he brings next. Make sure to support AJORIES by streaming the new single on SoundCloud below.

Lowly. · AJORIES – Lost World