Afrosamuraiist Brings Bollywood To A New Light With 'Saajanji Ghar Aaye' – FUXWITHIT

Moving through the industry at a rapid fast pace, Afrosamuraiist has once again blessed us with a brand new piece. Honoring Bollywood with all his might, his newest flip of ‘Saanjanji Ghar Aaye’ instantly strikes you with monstrous passion and elegance. The artist has always admired the brilliance and raw talent within the Bollywood industry. And putting that style of music through his vault of riches creates a whole new gem worth cherishing. From vast rhythmic structures to a classic Hindustani lead, all of these elements and more are incorporated to create a memorable journey for all. While also exposing some beautiful culture to a vast new audience.

‘Saanjanji Ghar Aaye’ is a high tide wave. Rushing over you with cosmic grooves and star-striking drums. From playful percussion to an overall organic atmosphere, the track truly whisks you off your feet. Bringing you on a wonderful adventure. Creating a unique and satisfying feeling to the core.

From beginning to end, the artist knows how to hypnotize his audience and keep their attention with each second and note played. His skills and flow over the years have helped him immensely to achieve his own style and much more. Giving back to his supporters. One track at a time. His talents are unmatched and will continue to amaze and impress anyone who listens. So make sure to go support him by streaming ‘Saanjanji Ghar Aaye’  on SoundCloud, Audius and more.

Afrosamuraiist · Saajanji Ghar Aaye