5 Feuds Involving Stephen A. Smith: Terrell Owens And More

Stephen A. Smith recently revealed that he got the “This is HOV” phone call after he infamously compared Rihanna and Beyoncé ahead of the former’s Super Bowl halftime performance in 2023. Jay-Z explained that the First Take host needed to be mindful of what he says, and how it can be received. While their interaction remained peaceful, it could have gotten incendiary if anyone else were involved.

The world has, in fact, seen such occur when it comes to the outspoken sports media personality and his commentary on celebrities and athletes. SAS holds nothing back, a reason so many people — even those with no interest in sports — love him. However, it’s also why plenty of folks dislike him, as he’s been involved in a number of public feuds over the years.

Whether he’s right or wrong, Smith stands on his word, even if it rubs people the wrong way. He’s also sure to add a little flare to his critiques for entertainment purposes, though some even take issue with that.

Several of his public spats can be broken down, but VIBE has five for you. Check them out below.