4 Anthony Edwards Dunks That Show Why He’s The Next Face Of The NBA

Anthony Edwards‘ dunks got folks thinking he can become the next face of the NBA.

The baller and his Minnesota Timberwolves faced off against the Utah Jazz last Monday, with the ‘Wolves beating the Jazz 114-104 as they continue working towards the No.1 seed in the Western Conference. But playoff aspirations be damned. The night’s true storyline, though, was Edward’s ungodly dunk on Jazz’s John Collins.

Anthony posterized the power forward into oblivion, all while rocking his signature Adidas AE1’s, of course. The dunk spread across social media like wildfire. Some people were dubbing the move the best dunk of the year. Other fans called the jam the best dunk of Anthony Edwards’ young career. Overall, there was a consensus that Ant-Man has what it takes to become the face of the NBA.

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Yes, he is currently 11th in the NBA in scoring, 70th in rebounds, 37th in assists, and 76th in field goal percentages. He has some individual work to do, fasho. But it’s the promise of the star that has people talking. Well, that and his awe-inducing skills. Specifically his dunks.

When thinking of the best in-game dunkers in NBA history, Vince Carter immediately comes to mind. Yet, Carter’s ferociousness and disregard for the iron when yamming the rock are all present in Edwards. Hell, some folks have even compared Ant’s blossoming talents to a young rookie Michael Jordan.

While legends like MJ, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry have received this anointing, Edwards appears to have the God-given talents and personality to wear the crown next.

Here are 4 Anthony Edwards dunks showing why he’s the face of the NBA.

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