With His New Song “Versace” CG Naughty Proves The Depth Of His Vision

American Hip-Hop artist CG Naughty, based in Harvey World, is rising fast thanks to the release of captivating tracks. After his deep and meaningful delivery on “Look Into My Eyes,” the artist comes back with yet another interesting song titled “Versace.” He made it clear with his previous songs that switching moods, paces, and styles is an easy process for him. With “Versace,” he is not trying to amaze the audience with his skills or raw talent; we already know that he is capable of practically anything when it comes to rapping. This time, he reveals more of his artistic personality, signature-style, and authenticity. So to describe his growth as a musician, we can confidently mention that he grew as an individual, rising to the point of displaying depth and meaning through his own lens of emotions and not being afraid to expose his nature just the way he is, never straining for effect and always credible.