Wax Motif, Corrupt (UK) & Scrufizzer Team Up In Gritty 'All Black Everything' – FUXWITHIT

Few artists in the electronic music scene have been at the top, and remained there, for as long as Wax Motif. The Australian artist has consistently demonstrated his ability to keep house music fun and refreshing, continuously finding inventive ways of twisting his own sound into something unique. With a new album on the horizon in 2021, many are anxious to hear how Wax Motif further pushes his style, and today we finally get a taste of it with the first single from the project titled ‘All Black Everything.’

A collaboration with Corrupt (UK), who is also a tremendous force in the bassline scene, and Scrufizzer, ‘All Black Everything’ is a wonderful introduction into what the future holds for Wax Motif. Wax is no stranger to using Scrufizzer’s distinct vocals to drive the energy of his tracks, with three of his last four releases tapping the smooth vocalist, and their latest teaming is proof of this chemistry. ‘All Black Everything’ is not ground-breaking or wildly innovative, but provides a welcome taste of the classic Wax Motif and Corrupt (UK) sounds that many have grown to love over the years. Gritty and groovy, ‘All Black Everything’ is a rolling bassline tune primed to have you dancing all night long. Don’t miss it below.