Player Dave Soars To The Light With His 'Where the Wind Blew Me' Album – FUXWITHIT

The start of a new chapter has begun for Player Dave. His debut album Where the Wind Blew Me showcases his most divine and unique work to date. His pure passion over the years has paid off with such a magnificent outcome. Creating a brand new light for the artist.

Having released two singles in the past from the project, fans were ecstatic and wanted more. There was nothing but hype and excitement for it. Which deserves pure praise and more. Within this album, we enter a world filled with unexplainable atmospheres, sound design and more. It’s a lovely tribute to his growth as an artist. As well as to his fans and colleagues who helped and supported. Artists such as sumthin sumthin, Brakebill and even FLY have joined in on the adventure. All contributing to this unforgettable art piece.

Where the Wind Blew Me is a utopia of pure bliss. The journey Player Dave set up for his audience is full of love and endless possibilities. Comforting melodies, highly skilled arrangements and more, there’s nothing you won’t find intoxicating and addicting. Through every track lies a specific tone and emotion. Immediately whisking you away into your own dream land. Filled with memories, experiences and undiscovered riches. Not to mention how crisp and clean his production style is. He really held back nothing. Giving it all of his energy and power. And collaborating with these upcoming legends was a perfect way to balance out the album and showcase their undeniable talent. Keeping the album flowing at a gentle and impactful pace. So make sure to go support Player Dave and everyone apart of it by streaming Where the Wind Blew Me everywhere!

Player Dave · Where the Wind Blew Me