Leotrix Makes A Grand Statement With 'Visions Of The Leo' EP – FUXWITHIT

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: few are delivering the same level of quantity and quality as Leotrix. With the ability to weave through genres and styles without ever escaping his signature flair, the Sydney-based talent has quickly climbed the ladder of bass music to stand among the greats thanks to his endless catalog of hits. This year alone, Leotrix has displayed unparalleled versatility in his Round III EP on Never Say Die: Black Label, before teaming up with The Caracal Project to redefine bass music in ‘New Lesson.’

Continuing to churn out top-notch material, Leotrix now makes his Disciple debut with the Visions Of The Leo EP, and while it may be difficult to believe, this is his best and most well-rounded project to date. Visions Of The Leo is an elite ensemble of five individual tracks that each stand well on their own, but together form a cohesive body of Leotrix’s signature.

Sampling Cassie’s ‘Me & U’ in the opener, the skilled producer makes a future riddim statement in ‘Sight,’ utilizing the catchy vocals to create a mesmerizing crossover between beauty and bass. A personal favourite from the project, Leotrix follows the highly-anticipated piece with ‘Oh Yeah,’ another dubstep-leaning brute that boasts a flow like no other, but that is flawlessly contrasted with uplifting notes and shimmering synths. ‘Lovin U’ returns to the softer vibes of the first track, as Leotrix delivers an emotional bass ballad that again defies the barriers of genres. ‘Good Day’ is but another reminder of the artist’s true mastery and ingenuity, while ‘Begin New’ concludes the project with two minutes of feels as introspection and emotion run deep in the veins of this one.

Leotrix is one of the best at his craft. Visions Of The Leo is proof. Don’t miss it below.