Across The Pond: Munya (Unknown P) – FUXWITHIT

If there was one good thing to come out of 2020, it was British-Zimbabwean Comic/Rapper, Munya Chawawa. His characters such as the posh drill rapper Unknown P, started by featuring in Instagram sketches & now they’re in TV adverts and signing to major record labels. So what sets Munya aside from other musician-based comics? To start with – his work ethic. Munya has said himself that sometimes his creativity leaves him losing sleep. If there’s a headline, Munya has already twisted it into a hilarious sketch that pokes fun in a much-needed satire way. Munya’s creativity was first tested at a role he once had, creating content as quick as it happened on air. In an Instagram story, he relayed that every opportunity has a reason for itself down the line and now, he’s pumping out gems on the daily. His many characters allow him to bounce off himself within his sketches, whilst highlighting important issues in a funny and clever way. However, Munya isn’t just a funny man – he can really rap too.

Unknown P (who may or may not have beef with Unknown T) is not only laugh out loud funny, but also one of the best lyricists to drop a Daily Duppy from GRM Daily in 2020. Punchlines come quick to most comedians but to execute it in such a relevant way to the current U.K. drill scene, playing with the latest gossip as always, takes quite the skill. So much skill, that Atlantic Records recently signed Munya’s Unknown P character to the label, with a debut single released at the end of 2020. After a tough year for all, Munya brings light to the madness and a laugh to the music. Here’s just three of his must-see videos to get you started.

Daily Duppy

Arguably one of the best of 2020. The ultimate stage for a comic to deliver his punchlines, whilst they appear visually for the audience to see. Munya certainly took the opportunity to make it his own and show how good a lyricist he really is with lines like “the steaks are high cause I’m in the shard eating fillets” (playing on ‘The Shard’ Monument in London). Every line has a backstory and with each watch you catch another gem.

Ain’t It Different (Sketch)

As with many of the parodies Unknown P has created – the Headie One, AJ Tracey and Stormzy collab comes with originality and lyrics that you may even prefer to the original. To parody a Number 2 single and pull it off to such a degree is quite the achievement. Who else could say “Never been on quidditch pitches, but I’m always chasing snitches?” – Nobody.

Piers Morgan

After a rocketing start to Unknown P’s career, the debut single was always going to be one to behold. The chorus is funny, catchy and clever. The beat feels posh, yet still drill – somehow. The video is absolutely ridiculous. It really amounts to everything you would want from an Unknown P track. The start of a prospering drill career for the graduate no doubt.

2021 is Munya Chawawa’s year. Everything is for the taking. With growing fandom, his TV appearances are becoming more and more regular, his Instagram is getting ever more popular and his talent never ceases to amaze. Whatever the comic creates this year, it’s bound to be brilliant. Make sure to follow his social media’s to keep up to date with all of his work & keep your fingers crossed that maybe we’ll get an Unknown P body of work this year.